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Minecraft Mods installation Tutorial

Minecraft Mods are not as hard to install as you might think at first. We show you in a few simple steps how to install your desired mod and also give a wide selection of other cool Minecraft Mods

How to install Minecraft Forge supported Mods

To install Minecraft Forge supported mods you first have to install the Forge API for the latest Minecraft version which can be found here: Click here for the latest Minecraft Forge version.

  • Open your .Minecraft folder at %AppData%\Roaming\.minecraft
  • If it not existing yet, create an new folder called mods into your .minecraft folder.
  • Drag the mod.jar file you want to install into this folder. Click here to find new Mods
  • Now start Minecraft, select the new profile called Forge and have fun playing with Mods.

How to install Minecraft Mods which are not supported by Minecraft Forge

  • Start Minecraft on the version on which you want to install the mod and close it again.
  • Open the mod installer and follow the instructions.
  • Start Minecraft again and select the new profile.
    If there is still no new profile, edit an existing one and change the version to the version on which the mod is installed, this can usually be found at the bottom.
  • Now save this profile and press the play button. Have fun playing Minecraft with Mods.

You still don’t understand it, then just watch this video

This video was created by xSplayd. You can find him here xSplayd’s YouTube Channel