Minecraft JourneyMap Mod

The Minecraft JourneyMap Mod is another Minimap mod for our favorite game Minecraft. But this one adds a lot more features to the game than all the other Minecraft Map mods are doing. With the JorneyMap Mod you have the ability  to add multiple presets of your minimap so you can have different versions of the map that you can switch between with just a few clicks. You can make some presets with for example a big minimap or a small one or even a big rectangle one in the center of you screen and much more. You can also change to cave mode and set different lighting settings and so on. I highly recommend this mod to every minecraft player out there that is still playing survival mode because this mod will change the game for you a lot!

How to install Minecraft JourneyMap Mod

If you want to know how to install the Minecraft JourneyMap Mod simply go to our Mod installation tutorial by clicking here How to install a Minecraft Mod.

We highly recommend you to install the OptiFine Mod first for better performance.

Amazing Review about the JourneyMap Mod by ChazOfftopic