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itsMagicMelon Shader Pack

ItsMagicMelon Shader Pack with High FPS!

The itsMagicMelon Shaders is a new amazing Minecraft Shader that gives you the highest FPS possible while keeping the most beatiful shader features, water shaders and amazing incredible sun flare effects! Giving you the best Minecraft Graphic Shader Experience possible for the latest Minecraft version! Don’t waste your time and start playing Minecraft with the itsMagicMelon Shaders always updated for the latest Minecraft version

Minecraft itsMagicMelon Shaders pack for the latest Minecraft version

Best Shader Pack for slow Computers and graphics card!

With the ItsMagicMelon Shader Pack you can get up to 60 FPS on a older computer or even on a Intel HD 4000 Graphics card! Get the best FPS with nVidia Graphics, AMD or Intel HD Graphics Processor Cards for the best Shaders experience with no lag and smooth frame rates! With this amazing shaderpack you can even record with high fps on a laptop / old pc!

How to Install this Shader Pack

It’s recommended players use OptiFine or another mod manager to make this mod doesn’t conflict with any other ones being used.

Its Magic Melon Shader Pack Screenshots:

Minecraft Shaders Mod Screenshot
Minecraft Shader Screenshot from the itsMagicMelon Shaders